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“Batik” is based on the philosophy of spiritual discipline and takes roots centuries back. But it just simply makes me feel great and makes my life full of joy! I put the best energy into my paintings as I love what I do.

The most common Batik techniques are: Free painting, Cold Batik and Hot Batik. 

My favorite is Free painting without using the wax to stop the fabric absorbing the paint and limiting its spread, however on occasions I like to mix the styles. Free painting technique reveals the uniqueness of each artist’s painting skills and control of dyes or acrylic paint spreading on the fabric. Painting on cotton or silk fabrics from natural or synthetic fibers produces interesting results from a combination of free painting skills, single or multilayer paint application and composition. It is very rewarding for me.


“I paint on silk and cotton fabrics using acrylic paints and the combination of Batik techniques. I cannot express my feelings of excitement and joy when the paint is flowing on the fabric and under my direction takes a form of a beautiful art. I adore colourful vibrant colours combined with a slightly see through, gentle canvas of silk or cotton.”


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Natalie Malarowski is a professional artist and founder of Natalie's Silk Art. 

Natalie was born in 1967 in Ukraine. Since early childhood Natalie has developed strong passion for painting that would make time flow seamlessly. Her parents noticed her talent and directed her on her artistic way.

Natalie finished her art school in Sumy City, followed by an Architectural University in Kharkov City, Ukraine. In the University she had achieved exceptional knowledge and skills in the classical school of painting, arts, and architecture. In 1990 she graduated with a diploma as an Architect and 22 years of her career she has spent in Architectural Industry, leading her own company. Over the years of her busy business career she had her unrealised artist ideas preserved inside that she always wanted to express and share with everyone. Therefore in 2014 she took a decision to follow her true passion and started to master Batik technique of painting on fabrics. In 2015 Natalie has migrated to Australia and founded Natalie's Silk Art.

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